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Amsterdam has a huge A-list cast.

Amsterdam Cast In Formal Wear

It’s always disappointing when a superstar director and an all-star cast team up, and the results are less than stellar. Still, unfortunately, that’s the case with David O. Russell’s new crime comedy/drama, Amsterdam. The first two acts are unfocused, incredibly violent, and complex to follow, thanks to a tremendous dialogue overload. The third act, where the true nature of the conspiracy is revealed, and things start to unfold, almost makes up for the chore of the first 90 minutes, but not quite.

Amsterdam alternates between Christian Bale giving the most comedic slapstick performance of his life and shocking levels of violence. It felt like Russell was attempting to make a Guillermo del Toro movie. The story takes place during and after World War I, so many grave war wounds are on display which many viewers will find disturbing. But the most disturbing thing about this film is how the corporate conspiracy unfolds, which is reflected in today’s world.

The three leads are supposed to be best friends, but their chemistry is inconsistent.

Some scenes work, while others feel forced. The amount of star power in the film will impress. It seemed like each new scene introduced another Oscar-winning actor. At one point, I thought, “Is every famous person in Hollywood in this movie?” Bale, as always, is outstanding. He disappears into his role, but everyone else feels like anyone could have played their roles. The final act is executed so well that I left feeling satisfied.


I give Amsterdam a 3 out of 5 stars. However, if you’re not willing to wait over an hour for the movie to get good, or you’re not into David O. Russell, you can probably skip this one. Do you Vouch for it? Read more Reviews on Nerdtropolis and Subscribe to our YouTube.

Rating: 3 out of 5.
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