ALIEN Prequel Series Coming To FX

ALIEN prequel series to take place on Earth.

FX Exec John Landgraf has confirmed that the Alien series is moving forward and currently has 5 scripts. Unfortunately, Ripley won’t be a part of the series, nor will any other character. The series will be faithful to Ridley Scott’s movie and James Cameron’s follow-up Aliens. It will bring something new that represents both an extension and reinvention of a franchise simultaneously. In addition, the story will take place on earth about 70 years from now and will be the very first story of the Alien Franchise.

ALIEN Prequel Series Coming To FX

Alien first made its debut in 1979 by Ridley Scott and starred Sigourney Weaver. Aliens, which came out in 1986 is directed by James Cameron, is the sequel that takes place 57 years after the original, with Weaver returning as Ripley. 1992’s Alien 3, directed by David Fincher, takes place immediately after the end of Aliens. In 1997 Joss Whedon wrote Alien Resurrection, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and takes place 200 years after the third film. In 2004 and 2007, two Alien vs Predator spin-offs hit theaters combining two popular sci-fi franchises. 2012’s prequel Prometheus and the direct 2017 follow-up Alien: Covenant brought Ridley Scott back to direct. Both of those films took place 30-40 years before the original film.

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