ALIEN Comic Reveals First Xenomorph Encounter For Gabriel Cruz

Annual ALIEN issue is a brand-new saga set in the franchise’s iconic and terrifying world.

The recent ALIEN comic series has incredible action and pulse-pounding horror. It is an exciting new chapter that has added new characters, discoveries, and depth to this legendary sci-fi mythos. Johnson and Larrocca will team up on a giant-sized annual issue this June to wrap up their first era on the title. ALIEN ANNUAL #1 will explore the mysterious, tragic past of the series hero Gabriel Cruz. It will reveal his original deadly run-in with the Xenomorph.


Years before Bloodlines, Weyland-Yutani security chief, Gabriel Cruz, was a company man. His devotion to WY came first, no matter what the cost. But when the company decides to conduct a trial run experiment with a Xenomorph, will Cruz stand by and let innocent soldiers die?

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