Air Bud Returning For Legacy Sequel And Animated Series According To Creator Robert Vince

The entire Air Bud collection is now streaming on Disney+.

The Air Bud franchise, created by Robert Vince, has been a beloved staple of family entertainment for decades. With a career spanning over 50 movies and five series, Vince’s passion for crafting heartwarming, family-friendly content has left a memorable mark on the film industry. We spoke with Vince about the first film and the franchise’s future. Watch the interview below with Vince, who announces a brand new film and an animated series.

In 1996, Robert Vince introduced the world to the iconic Air Bud, a heartwarming tale of a basketball-playing dog and his young owner. This film marked the beginning of Vince’s journey into family entertainment. The Air Bud franchise, consisting of five movies, quickly gained a dedicated following for its endearing storytelling and the lovable golden retriever, Buddy. Building on the success of Air Bud, Vince extended the franchise with Air Buddies, which includes seven movies. The adventures of Buddy’s offspring, known as the Buddies, have captured the hearts of children and adults. The films follow the lovable puppies on various adventures and are known for their humor, heart, and valuable life lessons.

However, Robert Vince’s influence goes beyond the Air Bud and Air Buddies series. He has created more than 20 other family movies, including Pup Academy, Scaredy Cats, SuperPupZ, and Phantom Pups series. This diverse portfolio showcases his ability to create entertaining stories that resonate with audiences of all ages. Air Bud Entertainment, the company Vince co-founded, is a beacon of live-action movies and series the entire family can enjoy. Their large catalog of films and series shows their commitment to producing content that the entire family can enjoy.

All the films have a massive international appeal.

Their content has reached 190 countries and is available in 22 languages, making them a global force in family entertainment. The company’s dedication to quality is further exemplified by its ability to produce all aspects of its creative content in-house, from writing and directing to post-production and visual effects.

The universal themes of family, teamwork, friendship, and the triumph of the spirit that permeate Air Bud Entertainment’s productions have touched the hearts of millions around the world. Their stories entertain and convey valuable life lessons, making them a meaningful part of family viewing. You can start watching the entire Air Bud Collection on Disney+ now, which remains at the forefront of family-friendly entertainment.

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