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Who is behind Nerdtropolis?

Founder & Editor/Producer: Sean TajipourEmail | Twitter

“Nerdtropolis was initially created to battle click-bait articles seen across the internet. That form of journalism has always made it difficult for pop culture fans to get the information they want. I wanted to change the landscape of Entertainment News and provide a haven for fellow “Nerds.”

Since an early age, I have been a movie lover, and putting together movie reviews is what I really enjoy. My first reviews began when I was just 11 years old. I would walk to the nearest store to buy a VHS of the latest movie and post my review on the previously existing Yahoo Movies.”

Sean Tajipour

Contributors: Patrick Moore, Drew Munhausen, Graham Schlanger

What is Nerdtropolis?

Nerdtropolis is an entertainment news website. We primarily cover Movie News, Reviews, and Trailers but also dive into Pop Culture, Comics, Music, Video Games, Toys, and more.

Where is it based?

Houston, TX is our home base.

Can I work for you?

We very occasionally have job openings but are currently looking for Interns for 2022. Stay tuned to www.Nerd-tropolis.com for more information.

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